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About Housecall Dog Grooming

Your adorable fur baby is starting to look a little shabby or is starting to fill the room with a unique aroma.  This is about the time that you do one of two things.  You will load your pooch into the car, drive to the groomer, wait to be called, drive to pick your pooch up, and then you will still have to clean your car.  On the other hand, you may opt to spend back-breaking time and effort to clean your pup yourself. Housecall dog grooming eliminates the need for both of the aforementioned options.

  We come to you!

We come with all the professional equipment.

We have a portable grooming table, blow dryer, and grooming supplies.  The client provides a climate-controlled room with a water source such as a tub or sink.

We groom your pup in the comfort of familiar surroundings; his home.

We clean up.....leaving no work for you!

Convenience & hassle-free!


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Grooming your dog is not just about having him look good.  It is about him feeling good. 

Every morning we wake up and take a shower to start our day.  This ritual not only revitalizes us but is also healthy!  In the same fashion, routine grooming will help maintain good hygiene and improve health as well as avoid unnecessary irritations or diseases.

Mats in the fur can decrease blood flow to the skin and create open sores and pain.

Overgrown nails can be painful and in extreme situations may cause infections of the nail bed that could result in the nail being removed.

A warm massaging bath helps stimulate the cells in the skin and relaxes your pup.

Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming believes in a holistic approach to grooming where the health and wellbeing of the dog come before fashion.  As a result, we use products that are natural, paraben-free, and free of harsh chemicals.  For this reason, grooming services will not include painting nails or dying the fur.  The focus is on getting the dead hair and dander away from the skin to promote new skin cell generation.  A healthy diet and healthy skin will produce a beautiful coat and a happy dog.  Beauty is from the inside out.

 Human grooming is a private activity and you can treat your dog to the same privacy.  Private dog grooming means that your fur baby will not have to wait in a cage with other loud barking dogs around him, and it will greatly reduce the risk of contracting a kennel disease.

The benefits of in-home dog grooming are too many to list!

Call today!



Not 2 Shaggy House Call Dog Grooming provides groomers that are trained and insured. This will give you peace of mind.  We serve the Enclave and Southbridge Subdivisions in Savannah, GA.  We want to make sure that housecall grooming is a good fit for you, your pooch, and the groomer.  Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming only provides this invaluable service to rabies vaccinated, well-behaved hounds and Kitties around 20lbs.

Our Service

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