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Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming FAQ Bluffton SC/ Hilton Head SC

Questions & Answers

What is housecall dog grooming?

This is when the groomer comes to your home with professional equipment. We groom the dog in a climate controlled room with electricity and a tub/sink.  Stress free.. mess free. We clean up !

Where will you wash the dog?

We will use an area you provide that has a waist high water source such as a tub or a sink.     Also, we use a drain protector so that hair does not clog your drain.  It is very helpful if you have a removable wand shower head but is not required.  They can be purchased at your local hardware store.   After your dog enjoys a nice massaging bath, we groom your pup using our portable grooming station with table, professional supplies, and blow dryer.

I'm interested....What next?

Call us and schedule your consultation.  In the consultation you will get an opportunity to meet your private dog groomer, the groomer meets your dog, the owner provides vaccination info, and the owner reviews the groomer's portfolio.  We get the opportunity to decide if private in-home grooming is a good fit for you and your fur family:)

What days of the week are available for grooming appointments?

Currently all grooming appointments are scheduled for Saturdays.  Consultations are scheduled Fridays after 5pm, and Saturdays.

June  & July ONLY: We have appointments Monday -Friday starting at 2 pm.


How will I pay you?

We accept cash or checks


Are you insured ?



**All services provided in smoke-free environments only**

We hope we answered some of your most pressing questions.  If you still have questions for us, give us a call!

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