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Become A House Call Dog Groomer

Become A House Call Dog Groomer!

Join Our Client List Subscription Service & Grow Your Own Business.

We bring the clients to you!

We do all the advertising for you!

Equipment included with option 2 package.

All for one low monthly price!!

Requirements to Join The Client List Subscription

  1. You must be an experienced dog groomer.

  2. You must pass a background check. (35.00 fee)

  3. You must submit your dog grooming portfolio.

  4. You must submit a video of a demonstration groom or Zoom live demonstration groom 

  5. You must maintain general liability insurance

  6. You must commit to a year and pay a non-refundable deposit to begin.

Think hair salon meets dog grooming.  In a grooming salon, you would rent a booth.  You would be responsible for advertising and bringing in your own clients.  As a result, you would own your clients and the fate of the business is in your hands.  You pay rent to the salon for providing a space and basic supplies for you to provide service to your clients.

House Call Dog Grooming is when you groom inside the client's home.  Most times I set up in laundry rooms that have a utility sink, bathrooms, or kitchens.  As a result, there are no physical booths to rent.  Instead, you will gain access to individuals wanting house call dog grooming services that I cannot fit into my already filled the brim schedule and the equipment you need to provide quality service.

Benefits of House Call Dog Grooming

  • Low-cost start-up

  • Work less earn more by providing a niche service

  • Quality over quantity! provide quality grooming in a relaxed environment

  • Only work with people you like!

  • Work part-time alongside your full-time work

  • Or...Work full time.

Benefits to my client list subscription service

  • Ready to book client leads

  • You own the clients 

  • Because you form a more personal bond house call clients are more loyal

  • Business Coaching

  • Equipment can be provided

House Call Client List Subscription Service

Earn your subscription money back with 3-4 grooms per month.....The rest is profit!

Option 1 Without equipment: $200/month / Deposit $200.00(Non-refundable) / no minimum commitment

Option 2 With equipment: $300/month / Deposit $600.00 (non-refunable) / minimum year commitment

What's Included In Your Client list + Equipment Subscription

  1. A5 Corded Clipper
  2. Dog Grooming Table w/arm
  3. Groomer's Helper
  4. 3HP Volocity Dryer
  5. Portable rechargeable pressure washer
  6. Slicker brush/combs/curry brush
  7.  Clipper blades (30, 10 &7) & complete steel comb attachment set
  8. 1- Professional dog grooming shear set (1-Curved, 1-Straight, &1-Thinning Shear)
  9. 1- Rolling cart to carry supplies
  10. Quarterly- 1 gallon of conditioning shampoo 

House Call Dog Grooming Could Be Your Key To Financial Freedom

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