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Express Housecall Pet Nail Trimming Service
Downtown Savannah, GA Only

$50.00 minimum charge for all services
Friday & Saturday

Mini Groom
starts at


Mini Groom Services for dogs under 10lbs- includes cleaning the dogs ears, face/ feet trim, trimming the pads, grinding the nails, sanitation trim, shampoo, conditioner

*additional fees may apply for matting, or uncooperative pups.

De-Shed Treatment

Full Groom
starts at


Full Groom includes cleaning the dogs ears, trimming the pads, grinding the nails, sanitation trim, shampoo, conditioner giving your dog a breed specific style, cologne spritz, and bandana.

*additional fees may apply for matting, or uncorporative pups

Flea Dip Treatment

Is your double coated pooch giving your the blues?  De-shed his undercoat for his coolness & your peace of mind. Your pup's spa treatment will include a brush out, ear cleaning, shampoo & condition bath, blow dry, cologne spritz, bow or bandana. We do not advise shaving down double coated dogs unless coat is heavily matted.

Severe Fleas? A flea dip can help.  Multiple treatments may be needed. Cannot bath or style with this treatment.  Nail trim, ear cleaning, pad & sanitation trim included.  Once dip is applied the dog will be left damp.  Advise owner to treat home & pet bedding for fleas.  If home is too flea infested owner will have to take dog to a grooming salon. 

Cat Grooming

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We use natural shampoos & conditioners that are free of harsh chemicals.

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