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Who Are Housecall Dog Grooming Clients?

Not Too Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming Bluffton SC, Hilton Head SC, Oakatie SC Who would want to hire a dog groomer to come into their home and convert their bathroom, kitchen or laundry room into a salon? I’m glad you asked! Not Too Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming clients fall into one of two categories; the senior pet or pet parent and the busy.   

First, the elderly pets enjoy the house call dog grooming services. Senior pets no longer have to wait in a cage around other barking dogs for an extended amount of time.  Now, they get one on one attention that is focused on the needs of the pet. Quality not quantity is the bread and butter of house call groomers. Once finished, your pampered pooch walks to his favorite spot next to your feet. 

Pet parents enjoy the convenience of skipping the loading and unloading of Fido in and out of the car and having to travel twice to the grooming salon. Some of our  senior pet parents are no longer physically able to lift their pups in the car.  In contrast, our busy pet moms and dads have too much on their agenda to wait and duplicate miles for that exquisitely manicured pooch. 

Service that is a cut above the rest comes at premium. Yes, you will pay more than grooming salons. Distinguished pet parent have to decide if this invaluable service that caters to the specific needs of you and your dog is worth the price tag. Those who have made this investment in private personal service treasure the value.

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