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Short Haired Dogs Need Grooming Too!

Grooming in Bluffton SC/ Hilton Head SC

I wish I had dollar each time I heard "my dog does not need grooming because he as short hair. " Trust me I would be rich! Grooming is not just styling a dog's fur. It is maintaining the health of the coat, skin, ears, and nails. Short and long haired dogs alike benefit from regular grooming and your friendly neighborhood dog groomer is the professional who can help. However, your housecall groomer can give you this service without the need to leave your home.

Short haired dogs need love too! Brushing the dead fur from the coat allows new healthy fur to grow. Conditioning the fur softens the coat and helps protect the skin underneath by sealing the fur cuticles. Regular ear cleaning prevents the risk of ear infections. Clipping the nails keeps the pups paws free from pain. Your short haired pooch needs the health beneits from the pampering he receives from grooming.

Mountains of hair from such a small dog. Brushing makes a difference!

While I will be the first to admit that the finished product is not as dramatic as styling a poodle. The benefits are just the same and there are benefits you can see. The coat will have a shinny gloss. You will see significantly less shedding, and less scratches on your floor from neatly manicured nails. Most importantly, plenty of puppy kisses from a healthy happy pooch. Schedule your short haired fur baby for monthly Saturday grooming sessions with Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming.

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