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Is House Call Dog Grooming Right For You? By: Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming serving Bluffton SC, Hilton Head SC, and Okatie SC The pet industry has exploded in the past 5 to ten years. This has allowed pet parents endless options in all areas of pet care. As a result, niche services and products are available in food, skin care and grooming. When it comes to dog grooming, which option is right for you? Pet Salon: Pet Salons thrive on volume. They must groom as many pets as possible to meet business expenses. In an exchange for a less personal experience, the consumer will get services at a lower cost. This also means that your pup can spend most of his time at the salon waiting in a kennel between bathing and styling. The pro to this option is that there are an ample supply of dog grooming salons and the pet parent can drop off their pup at anytime. Mobile Grooming: Mobile grooming vans and trailers give pet parents more personal service. The groomer comes to the home and grooms the dog inside a van or trailer that is outfitted with a tub and grooming station. One draw back to this option is that the dog will have to enter an unfamiliar setting. House call service is grooming inside the home.

House Call Grooming: This is the lesser know option but it has been around for at least ten or more years and is gaining popularity. House call dog grooming is when the groomer comes into the clients home for the grooming session. The client provides a well lit area to groom that has electricity, tub or sink. Arriving at your door with a portable table and supplies, the groomer is all set to groom your pooch in his most familiar surrounding; his home. If you can answer yes to these questions, house call dog grooming might be the option that's the best fit for you. • Do you enjoy getting full service each groom without up-sales for additional services? • Would you like your dog groomed every 4 to 8 weeks? • Love the convenience of not transporting your pup back and forth to the groomer? • Tired of your pooch being cramped in a cage in between bathing and styling? • Do you have a pup with a low immune system that needs to avoid interactions with unknown dogs? • Do you enjoy having the same person groom you fur baby every time? If you answered yes to the questions above, call Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming for your next groom session. It's the choice of distinguishing pet parents. Anxious or nervous pets, or pets that are fearful of travel crates have a much easier time being groomed by Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming in the comfort and security of their own homes! Remember, the house call option may not be the best fit for all fur families. Some pets that may not be well suited to house call grooming are those that weight in excess of 30 lbs - 40lbs, pets who require an extra helper to ensure a safe grooming experience, pets who are aggressive, or pets who will not remain on a regular grooming schedule. (Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming requests that pets getting styling be on a 6 week to 8wk or less grooming schedule to ensure a predictable amount of time for each appointment.) 

Schedule a free consultation and Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming can guide you in deciding if house call dog grooming is right for you.

Laundry rooms, bathrooms and climate controlled garages or basements are areas most frequently used for house call grooming sessions. Here is an example of an elevated tub for bathing that fits inside most bath tubs with rubber feet to protect the tub.

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