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Good Products Good Groom

Pet parents have to live in the world of upcharges to gain access to premium pet products. You want natural shampoos there is an extra fee.... if you want the coat conditioned... an extra fee... whitening shampoo... an extra fee.... It just never ends.

House call dog and cat grooming allows fur babies access to the quality care they need. All prices are inclusive. .....No convenience fees associated with van/trailer mobile grooming. You get natural shampoos, of which many are biodegradable, coat conditioning, specialty shampoos, and paw conditioning all in the price you are quoted. Bio-groom, Espree, Laube, Earth Bath and Reliq are some familiar names of quality natural shampoos and conditioners that Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming groomers use. We are committed to using products that are gentle on the animals we serve, gentle on the groomer, and gentle on the environment.

Fido will get all the pampering of a salon in the comfort of his home. Our groomers come equipped with a portable bathing system that gives a soothing massage while delivering a powerful pressure wash that cleans from the skin to the tips of the fur. Drying is a snap with a small but powerful high velocity 4hp dryer. Activet is king when it comes to slicker brushes and it is one of the most costly slicker brushes on the market. However it is well worth the money because it blast through mats in just a few swipes. Investing in efficient tools is not only a good business investment but also a sound investment in the quality compassionate care of your fur baby.

So..... What are you waiting for! Call to schedule a Saturday appointment with Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming Service for your dog or cat. Our schedules fills quickly and many times we are booked a month or two out. We are serve Bluffton SC, Hilton Head SC, and Okatie SC area. Visit our website at

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